While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed,

Global coronavirus cases rise by single-day record of half a million Global coronavirus cases rose by more than 500,000 for the first time on Wednesday, a record one-day increase as countries across the Northern Hemisphere reported daily spikes. Global daily Covid-19 cases have risen by nearly 25% in less than two weeks as the world witnessed 400,000 […]Read More

With Senate at risk, Trump focuses on himself – CNN

The Maine Republican, who has built her political brand on being an independent voice, was silent in the immediate aftermath, even as other Republicans who aren’t up for reelection this year issued statements critical of the President’s decision — and earned Trump’s very public wrath. After four days had passed, and as the news cycle […]Read More

Biden's call for 'national mask mandate' gains traction in public

WASHINGTON (NYTIMES) – As the nation heads into what public health experts are calling a “dark winter” of coronavirus illness and death, public health experts are coalescing around US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s call for a “national mask mandate,” even as they concede such an effort would require much more than the stroke of a […]Read More

US coronavirus cases surpass 9 million with no end in

CHICAGO (NYTIMES) – The United States, which reported its first known coronavirus case in Washington state 282 days ago, surpassed 9 million total infections on Thursday (Oct 29), including more than half a million in the past week, as Covid-19 spiralled out of control in the lead-up to Election Day on Nov 3. Across the […]Read More

Trump seems to strike a new tone on masks: 'If

After making the case that “lockdowns” to prevent the spread of coronavirus don’t work, Trump told rallygoers in Tampa, Florida: “We know the disease. We social distance. We do all of the things that you have to do.” “If you get close, wear a mask. ‘Oh, it’s controversial.’ It’s not controversial to me. You get […]Read More

Amazon Q3 Sails Past Expectations, Revenues Jump 37% – Yahoo

If there’s one thing that Amazon’s third-quarter earnings emphasized, it’s that the coronavirus hasn’t hit all retailers the same way. The e-tail giant has been on a tear in 2020, and even for analysts projecting big results in the third quarter, the final numbers likely dropped plenty of jaws. The results beat estimates at every […]Read More

Why the Supreme Court let some states count mail-in ballots

The court, issuing some of the orders after hours, has navigated a minefield with justices seeking consensus and coherence where possible, hindered without the benefit of a full briefing schedule. The situation was complicated by the fact that emergency requests came in before and just after Justice Amy Coney Barrett took the bench. On the […]Read More

Immunity following COVID-19 infection can last for months: study |

COVID-19 immunity following a confirmed infection can linger for at least five months, according to a new study.  CNN reports that researchers also suspect it may extend even longer than that. Despite previous reports documenting individuals getting sick with COVID-19 more than once, implying a lack of antibody immunity, the human body has different reactions […]Read More